Welcome to our Mead Hall.  We opened in September 2022.  What is Mead you may ask? Only the oldest alcoholic beverage to human civilization. The primary ingredient to any Mead is Honey, and Mead is fermented Honey. As a classification, Mead is a wine, sometimes referred to a “Honey Wine”; however, true wines are fermented fruit juices and Mead is not, putting Mead into a class all alone. You will note that Mead has no standard because honey has no standard. Therefore, Meads can be quite different from Meadery to Meadery. Come taste our creations with the variety of honeys our bees produce and what the region has to offer. While here, follow our honey trail to our hives and say hi to our hard working ladies.

The Mead Hall is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6pm. Additional hours by appointment. Follow us on Facebook to get the most current information. 

Come enjoy our Meads at the bar or on our large deck overlooking the valley