Our Story

Graham Ordinary is the name we gave our colonial era, Appalachian, log cabin, farm homestead built in the late 1790s. The cabin has a one room main floor with a living space above as a half story.  A separate building was constructed soon after to provide a kitchen and eating space. An addition was added post civil war to the opposite side of the cabin, creating two rooms, one on the main floor and one above. The property stayed in the family until the 1960s when it was willed to a local church. Purchased in the 1970s, the lodge became an active four room Bed and Breakfast until 2010. The Graham Family purchased the property in 2013 and are restoring the structure.

We chose the name Ordinary as it is an old English term for a rest stop.  An Ordinary offered a room for the night, a stable for your horse and a warm meal.  The Appalachians still had wild places and travelers through these parts looked for safe, overnight resting places as they journeyed through the mountains.  Since the cabin dates back to the late 1700s, and as the Scots were known to settle along the ridges (and because we are of Scottish heritage),  we wanted to abide with this Ordinary concept and be in keeping with the colonial period of our Nation’s history.

Our accommodations include one King Suite and two full service RV Campsites.

Our Accommodations

King Suite #3 – $120/Night + 12.3% Tax

Added between 1970 and 1980, this suite was reclaimed and rebuilt to meet our vision for the lodge to be consistent with the colonial theme. Cedar planked walls with rusted metal ceiling panels complement the stone walls and slate floor. The sun room, with its spacious 6×12 foot windowed wall provides a breathtaking view of the valley.

It features a king bed, private bath, private entrance, spacious sitting room and amenities for storing and preparing food.

Private porch with direct entrance to the suite. Enjoy a coffee while you watch the sunrise or during a beautiful sunset.

32″ TV, WiFi, A/C and baseboard heating.

Private bath with heated tile floor and a spacious open style walk-in shower. Instant / on demand hot water
Our view of the valley at sunrise

King Suite #1 Coming soon, available April 2022

This suite was added to the cabin post civil war. The construction methods, age of the wood and decor date the room to this time frame. As this is one of the oldest areas of the property, we have chosen to keep it as original as feasible, with its low, bead-board ceiling and original wooden floor. Modern features include full bath with walk-in shower, heated floors, antique-esque, two-part toilet and stocked breakfast bar.

RV Campsites – $40/Night + 12.3% tax

Sites are equipped with 50A power and one 120V 20A GFI receptacle, as well as a fresh, potable water hydrant and sewer drain.

Campers have access to a full bath with walk-in shower inside the Lodge along with the common areas on the decks, cabin and Mead Hall.

Large Site: Can accommodate some Class A All-in-one campers, goose neck and hitch trailers, most Class B RVs 

36 foot hitch set up

40 foot Goose neck with pop outs.

Small Site: Ideal for Class C all-in-one Camper or large single family tent


Send your request for your reservation to graham.ordinary@gmail.com

Please include the following in your email:

Name, Check in and check out dates, and contact phone number

King Suite #3: $120/night plus 12.3% Lodging Tax

Large and Small Campsite: $40/night plus 12.3% Lodging Tax

Tent camping is allowed on the RV sites. There is a full bath with a walk-in shower in the lodge available. Towels are not provided.

WiFi and common areas are accessible to camping guests in the lodge.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refunds will be honored for cancellations made prior to 7 calendar days of check-in.   Cancellations made with in 7 calendar days of check-in will be refunded if the room(s) or campsites are re-booked.

For immediate information call or text 540.986.5621

Nearby Attractions

Jennings Creek. 16 miles north of the lodge.


Apple Orchard Falls. 200ft waterfall. 9 miles north of the Lodge.


Falling Water Cascades. 5 miles north of the Lodge.

Devil’s marbleyard. 20 miles north of the Lodge. View from the top.


Sharp Top Mountain. Elevation 3875ft. Trailhead is 2 miles north of the Lodge. This is the view from the summit.


Flat Top Mountain. Elevation 4001ft. Trailhead is 1.5 miles north of the Lodge

All distances are from the Lodge.
Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries;
Peaks of Otter Restaurant. -> 2.5 mi north.
-Breakfast buffet. Great mountain views. (Seasonal, call for hours)
Beale’s Brewery, Town of Bedford -> 8 mi south.
-Craft Brewery with full restaurant.
Bedford Social Club, Town of Bedford. -> 8 mi south.
-Best restaurant in Bedford.
Azul, Town of Bedford. -> 6 mi south.
-Chipotle style, great food.
Liberty Station, Town of Bedford -> 8 mi south.
-Most popular, Classic Southern American Menu, Amazing cheesecake.
Bellas Italian, Town of Bedford -> 8mi south
-Full Italian Menu
Mi Patron, Mexican -> 10mi southeast
Clam Diggers, Town of Bedford -> 8mi south
-Full Seafood Menu – Awesome hushpuppies
Peaks Of Otter Winery. -> 8 mi south.
-Closest winery.
Ramulose Ridge Vineyards. -> 26 mi south.
-Best wine in Bedford.
Apocalypse Ale Works. -> 25 mi east.
Attractions, etc;
The National D-Day memorial. -> 10 mi south.
Bedford Boys Tribute Center. Town of Bedford (A must see) -> 8mi south
Bedford Museum, Town of Bedford-> 8mi south
Liberty University. -> 30 mi west.
Gross’s Apple Orchard. -> 5 mi south.
Claytor Nature Center. -> 5 mi south.
Needful Things Antiques. -> 8 mi south.
Johnson’s Orchard.-> 8 mi southwest.
Black Dog Salvage. -> 32 mi east.
Trails & Lakes; 
The Blue Ridge Parkway. -> 1.7 mi north.
Sharp Top Mountain(elv. 3875′) trailhead. ->1.7 mi north.
Flat Top Mountain(elv. 4001′) trailhead. -> 1.5 mi north.
Abbott Lake. ->1.7 mi north.
Harkening Hill (elv. 3364′) trailhead. -> 1.8 mi north.
Falling Water Cascades trailhead. -> 5 mi north.
The Appalachian Trail. -> 10 mi north.
Apple Orchard Falls trailhead. -> 10 mi north.
Apple Orchard Mountain(elv. 4224′) trailhead. -> 10 mi north.
Devil’s Marbleyard trailhead. -> 24 mi north.
Smith Mountain Lake. -> 26 mi south.
McAfee Knob trailhead. -> 52 mi south.


Welcome to our Mead Hall.  Mead is still in production and not yet available. 

The repurposed circa early 1800s kitchen now our Mead Hall. Note original wood floor.